Saturday, February 14, 2009

We're having a......

........nother boy!!!!! I am now almost 21 weeks pregnant and we found out yesterday that it's a boy! We also found out that everything looks good and healthy! I am feeling great and trying to get to the gym at least twice a week which has helped me to not gain as much weight in the beginning...hopefully I don't make it to 43 lbs. this time. :) I am due June 29th/30th, so we should be getting into summer by then!

Weird 4-D profile pic...they always look so distorted and weird in these, but cool to see the profile!

Here is a pregnant picture of me taken yesterday....I'm not too big yet so that's good. I will try to post some more pics along the way!

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More Random

We built a snowman one day when it snowed just a couple of was perfect snow for it, but he melted in just a few days.

Nathan took this picture of one of his cards...he found the camera and I kinda showed him how to use it. Not bad!

I made Paella (a dish from Spain) the other night...John's been wanting me to try to make it for awhile now. It turned out pretty well I thought!

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We finished a room in our basement with my Dad's help in early January...we are in the process of getting in painted now. Just a few pics from the fun!

Nathan was exhausted after "helping" all day!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Nathan's Funniness :)

I know that isn't really a word, but I like it. Just a couple of things that Nathan has done recently that I thought were cute/funny.

I was in the grocery store in the produce section getting some apples, Nathan was sitting in the cart and we passed the Dates. Nathan says "DATES!" He was so excited to see them. Now, I had never really had a date until my Mother-in-law gave me one to try, but Nathan had spent the weekend at her house and she got him hooked on dates! Now he absolutely LOVES them. He pretty much will eat them like candy.

Nathan had a balloon from Red Robin and he didn't want it tied on his wrist. I told he better not let go or it would go up in our high ceiling and I wouldn't be able to get it for him. Of course, we get home and he lets go. He turns to John and says "Daddy get." John says "It's too high, I can't reach it." So Nathan runs and gets his stool, comes back and says "Ne-ne get!" (He calls himself Ne-Ne) It was really hilarious cause he actually stood on his stool and reached up for the balloon. He has been turning on and off lights and getting things off the counter with his stool. He loves the extra independence he gets with it!

My parents gave Nathan a Boise State football jersey this past fall, and he really didn't think anything of it then. But, I pulled it out of his drawer last week and right away he knew it was from Nana and Poppa. Then he wanted to wear it two days in a row. After I washed it and was folding it, he came up and said "Football!" and grabbed the jersey and wanted to put it on again.


Well we finally got a snowblower a couple of weeks ago that we ordered from Amazon...after I had checked at all the area stores and they basically told me they were completely out and could not order anymore. Haha, well before we even got ours shipped to our house, we had to go to Lowes for some supplies and sure enough...what is sitting outside the store....snowblowers! I pretty much wanted to scream...cause we ended up paying a bit more to order one online...ANYWAYS, i used it today and it was great! So much better than shoveling. Yea for snowblowers!