Monday, May 18, 2009

It's 80 degrees!

It's only 80 degrees, but it feels SO HOT! We went and bought this at Target today so we could play in the water, and even though the water was freezing, Nathan had a blast and he can't wait to play in it again tomorrow! We have to take advantage of every nice day around here and it's supposed to be nice most of the week. Yea!

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Belly Shots-34 Weeks

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


A friend told me that she tried to leave a comment and couldn't...well, it should be fixed now, so if you have tried to make a comment and still want to...try again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What we've been up to...

We have been so busy! We have moved our guest bedroom downstairs and set up Nathan's new bunk bed in the old guest room. He has Thomas the train bedding and he's doing great in his new room. He has already figured out that the crib is where the baby in Mommy's tummy will sleep. He is excited about the baby. I just hope it's not too difficult of a transition when he actually arrives!

Nathan and Ayden hiding under Nathan's bed...

John took Nathan on the ward Father and Son's campout last Friday and Saturday. They had fun! Nathan loved the tent and "hiding" in it. He wouldn't get in the sleeping bag but just slept on top with his blanket. I was worried he would wake up and not go back to sleep or something, but John said he slept great. John was a bit uncomfy on the ground though! :) Oh well! I think they had a fun bonding time.

The only good pictures of Nathan camping. He is in a nazi picture mode right now, so it's kinda tough to get a good picture of him!

We decided to go to Parma for Mother's Day and surprise the whole family! We left a couple of hours after John and Nathan got back from camping. It had been my job to get the gift for Mom, and I told them I would mail it...well it hadn't gotten there and they were kinda sad and my Dad was scrambling for a gift...but then we showed up! We had brought the gift with us, so it was all good! We had a fun weekend with them.

All the girls in our matching Easter dresses. We're so cool! :)

I am now 33 1/2 weeks pregnant. You can kinda see my belly in the above pic, and I will post another picture as soon as I can look halfway decent and get John to take the picture. :)