Friday, August 28, 2009

Alex is 2 months!

I didn't wake up last night to Alex crying...but I think he must have for at least a little bit to kick out of his blanket. I'm going to count that as sleeping through the night. This is how I found him (still asleep) at 7:30 this morning.

Here is Alex at his 2 month check-up today. He weighed in at 11 lbs 14 oz, and was 23 inches long. He's getting bigger all the time!

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My garden

Just a few things from my garden. It's been so fun to have a garden and eat stuff out of it (finally!). I think my favorites are the corn and cherry tomatoes.

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Free GGP mall gift card!

I just signed up for a voucher to get a free $10 gift card at my local mall! Go here to sign up! All you have to do is give your name and email and go to the mall on Sept. 17-18th to redeem your email voucher. They have a limited amount, so hurry up and click!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alex is supposed to be having tummy time...

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Parma, the Zoo and cousins

We have been married 5 years!

August 13, 2004 is when it all began..maybe I'll work on getting a picture posted of us then...

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It is crazy! We've had so much fun in those five years and it's great to have school behind us and two great boys added to our family.

Here is a picture of us from this past weekend. We went to Provo for an Academy of LDS Dentists meeting at BYU. The dentists get some CE taken care of and the wives get to go to some fun/spiritual classes during the same time. PLUS, we got all sorts of yummy BYU catering food, as well as all the Chocolate milk and even some ice cream from the BYU creamery. Well worth the trip! :) We took Alex with us and although he was pretty darn good during the day, he had a couple bad random nights while we were there. It was a fun little weekend trip to take on our Anniversary. We went and saw Music and the Spoken Word Sunday morning before we flew back to Spokane.

For all you dental wives out really is a great program they put on, check out this year's program here. Maybe we'll see you there next year!