Monday, December 21, 2009

Playing in the snow

Nathan LOVES the snow this year...too bad it came and only stayed for 2 days. John is so glad but it makes me sad :( Nathan wants some more snow too so hopefully we get some more before the season is over (I'm sure we will in North Idaho).

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At our ward Christmas party, Santa came! Nathan was very excited to see him. He waited so patiently and sat quietly while the other kids around him were going crazy with yelling and jumping up and down. As soon as it was his turn he quickly told him that he wanted race cars for Christmas. What a true boy! :)

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Nathan is 3!

John had to work around 8 on Nathan's birthday so we got up about 7 to eat breakfast and open gifts before John had to leave. Pretty good haul for a 3 year old! And that's not all...that night G-ma Sally and G-pa Doug brought over a couple of other presents. He had a blast opening presents. At first he had to open the cards, and then he started to carefully open the other gifts and I told him to just rip the paper! So, after that he started getting a little more rough with the paper.

He requested a train cake again this year, so that was nice since I did it last year! You can see he actually got a train this year to accompany the cake.

Nathan is so fun to have around. He is such a loving big brother to Alex and has been telling him lately that he is his best buddy. He loves playing with cars and trains and we're always playing "get the bad guys." He can make a gun out of anything. It blows my mind the way his imagination works. Sometimes I wonder if I had an imagination at all as a kid! Luckily John is around to help with the imagination part. :)

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