Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spanish Tortilla and Walking

Here was my attempt to make Spanish tortilla-which is potato and egg with a lot of olive oil. It turned out really yummy and John said it was very authentic. This past Sunday we went on a walk near the lake in CDA. It was a little chilly but nice to get out since it was a sunny day . Both kids love getting outside and even John likes to get out for a nice walk.

Nathan and Alex

It's hard for me to get a picture of just Alex cause Nathan wants to be in EVERY picture. So there's a few where Nathan just jumps in the picture. :)


Nathan's attempt at a self-portrait? And I think we made brownies that day!

Nathan is such a talker lately. He keeps saying the word great, like "That was a great catch Mom." It amazes me all the time how much he knows and understands. He is a great big brother and listens and obeys MOST of the time :). He no longer takes naps which is a bummer but he will go in his room for quiet time for an hour or more every day. He loves playing with "swords" and guns and getting the bad guys. We are excited as the warm weather gets closer since it means we'll be able to go outside more! He loves to play with Alex and he will often say "Come on Alex" and lead him into his room to play.

Alex ALMOST 8 months

Alex is a maniac lately(in a good way)! He is crawling all over the place, eating solid food like it's going out of style-along with those puff finger foods, and is just so fun to play with. He babbles a lot and is always saying "ba ba ba." He is such a good baby and with all the dragging around that I do to these kids it's pretty great. I finally found a cup that he will drink out of, so that's a relief and will hopefully make the transition easier in a few months. Alex loves to play with Nathan and Alex will follow Nathan into his room to play. Nathan makes Alex laugh so easily, it's pretty entertaining. :)