Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parma fun

Gotta ride on a tractor :)
Or in a truck...

We always have so much fun going to see Grandma and Grandpa in Parma--as well as the Aunts and Uncle there too. We went down for a Bridal shower for my friend Jamie (yay, so excited for her!), and then I left the kids there while I went to Girl's camp for a few days and then headed to Provo for the Academy of LDS dentists with John. Had a blast!!
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We went camping with John's family the last week in July. I was a bit nutty and took both of my kids by myself for the first few days. Then John came up for the last night. This is my excuse for lack of pictures. :) Alex still wasn't walking so I went and bought an Ergo carrier (the BEST carrier ever-SO worth the $100). He pretty much lived in that those few days, although I did let him get down and dirty a few times.

Alex is OBVIOUSLY having a blast at dinner time :)

We got to float the river which was super fun, a little shallow in places, but still fun. The girls even ditched the kids for a few hours to really relax and enjoy :)

Nathan and Grandma Sally

Then of course we had to sit around the campfire and Alex loved sitting in a chair like the rest of us. He sat there so good and was loving every minute of it!
And once again, my lame excuse for not even having a picture of our whole family...I was by myself with my kids. :)

Family Reunion

We went to the Cabin for a Jemmett family reunion. It sure was FUN! This is Nathan the first night. Wiped out already. He had had his surgery the day before, so you can imagine the fun times had by all. He was actually really good- just a little burning every 3-4 hours :(.

The water slide was a BIG hit like always and Aunt Sandra brought squirt guns for all the kids.

Nathan had a blast and loves playing with his cousin Cade (now I'm wondering if it's Kade??) Haha, and they played with army parachute guys the whole weekend too (Nathan's toy of choice post surgery).

And we can't forget Alex. He still was crawling around at that point-but luckily he had lots of aunts/uncles/grandparents to corral him :)

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Nathan's fun surgery

Nathan had a super duper elective surgery the weekend of the 4th of July-lucky kid huh?? He was super cute about blowing up the balloon-although he wanted to take a balloon home with him. If you want more details than this, you'll have to call me or something cause I'm not giving dets out on my blog :)

Alex is 1 :)

Alex had a great 1st birthday. He got to open lots of presents (aka Nathan opened presents) and for some reason he was enthralled with his Grandpa Doug. He wanted to sit on his lap the whole time and kept looking up at him and grinning. It was pretty darn adorable.

The Jack in the box pictured in the background and the book Alex has have both been big hits!

My totally awesome Tiger cake that Alex ripped apart. It took him a few minutes but then he started tearing away. We opened presents before the singing and cake cause I KNEW I wouldn't want to mess with a frosted Alex vs. presents.

And although you can't see it here (cause I think the good pic is on our other camera) Alex was SO messy with orange frosting. YUM!
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