Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nathan: Preschool and Soccer

My little boy is growing up (tear)! Haha, I was talked into doing a co-op preschool with some ladies in my ward, so far so good--it hasn't been at my house yet though! Nathan was a little hesitant to go at first "I won't have any fun at all!" But he has enjoyed it every day.
He started Soccer today, and I was surprised at how well he kicked the ball and ran up and down the field. He even played goalie at one point. He was very hesitant to steal the ball from the other team ( he is very passive, so I guess I can understand), and he freaked out for a minute or two when he fell down and get knee'd in the head. Otherwise, he had a great time and started crying when the game was over because he wanted to play longer! I had to reassure him that he would get to play again, so no biggie!

On another note...yesterday I left Nathan sitting at the table eating a hot dog while I went to take a shower. Alex was already down for a nap, and I do that all the time, so I had no worries. When I got out of the shower, Nathan was NOWHERE to be found. I searched the house twice, the front and back yard twice, and then I really started to panic. I called my sis-in-law (Thanks Xan!) and ran to my neighbors house. My neighbor came over to help me look for him and as we were going through the house again, I moved some pillows that were strewn across my floor (which Nathan had been playing in earlier that day), and saw Nathan's foot sticking out. He had fallen asleep under the pillows while I was still in the shower--WHAT? he rarely takes naps these days-let alone at 12:30. Guess he is worn out from preschool? WOW, I was so relieved. SO scary!

Alex's 1st Haircut

He didn't freak out one bit which kind of surprised me...
Here is his mass (matted) curls on the back of his head that everyone said I just could never cut! Oops...they were just getting so disgusting...when wet, reminded me of a mullet-yuck!
He was seriously SO GOOD!
No curls anymore :( But he looks stinking handsome, and he doesn't have anymore weird 4 inch long pieces of hair on the top of his head :)
His curls that I saved of course!

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Time Out for Women

So fun to go with the ladies in my fam (minus Megan since she had a bear of two tests to take :( . We'll have to go again it was so fun! And spiritual too :)

Christa (Jarom's wife)

Kenz, and my Grandma Thompson
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My animal lover

We got to ride the pony at my cousin's house. Melisha got us all set up and Alex really liked it. He also loved the chickens-he got pecked (I think) at one point and didn't like them for about 5 seconds. He got over it pretty fast he liked them so much. He also loved their dog. I've decided he is an animal lover. Not good when he has a mom like me...not so much an animal lover. Good thing we have friends with pets/animals right?
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Down on the Farm

Showing off the awesome potatoes. Nathan was so enthralled with the farm this year. We got to see the Potato harvester in action and the bean harvester/combine. Nathan was so amazed with how everything worked and would just stare-figuring it out in his head and watching in AWE!

Alex just loved playing in the dirt and REFUSED to look at the camera.

Nathan holding the beans that Grandpa taught him how to spit. Too funny!
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Friends for like EVER! :)

It's true, we've been friends since least since my birth since I'm the youngest :) Jamie got married a couple of weeks ago and Savanna and I were able to be there with her. So good to see her married in the Temple. As friends, we definitely had our rocky times in high school and such, but here we are all grown up and still friends!
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