Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Card

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Owen Douglas

Nathan and Alex LOVE their new brother! They want to hold him and kiss him all the time. Hope that love lasts...

Owen was born Friday, September 23rd at 11:45 am. He weighed 8 lb. 8 oz., 21 1/2 in. long. Here is the story: We went into the hospital Friday morning at 6 am to be induced. I got admitted and the Dr. came to break my water. I was dilated to a 4-5. I was positive for group b strep, so after I got antibiotics I started walking around. I walked around for about an hour and a half until about 10 am. Walking, I would have contractions (decent ones) every 5 minutes or so. At around 10:15 or so, I decided to get a bit of pitocin to help things along. After being on pitocin for about 45 minutes, I was having great contractions and told them to stop the pit. I got another dose of penicillin for the GBS, after 35 minutes of hard contractions, I HAD to push, 8 minutes of pushing later, he was here! This is the most natural of all three of my labors. I had NO drugs at all, no epidural, no peri-cervical block like with Alex. It was intense, but fast and it turned out pretty good.

The pediatrician that was on-call had a little mix-up with my antibiotic times and said that Owen would need to stay until Sunday. That made me SUPER emotional and mad, but luckily, my OB doc came to the rescue and cleared things up. John was ready to plead my case after he did a couple hours of research on the whole group b strep issue. We think he's a pretty cute kid even though he got a bit bruised on the way out. So happy to have him in our little family!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

39 Weeks

I feel like I'm really starting to look large!! If nothing happens by Friday morning, I will be induced (I was dilated to a 3 this past Friday and the dr. said he would basically just break my water and go from there). So, here's to a baby in 4 days!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing at the beach

Having some fun in the sun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

33 Weeks Prego (2 weeks ago)

So, this is me at 33 I'm officially 35 weeks and it's starting to get uncomfortable, like peeing twice a night and having a hard time know the awfulness of that. Luckily only 5 more weeks to go (or a little less since I might have to take things into my own hands at some point...again...), and we have tons of stuff going on to make the time fly! Does anyone else hate going through all the clothes you have in storage for your kids? I kind of wish I could afford to buy all new clothes for each kid as they get to the next size...ha!


Loving the snow cone at Hayden days.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring and haircuts

My sister in law, Christa, took some cute pics of the boys in Easter/Spring attire. It finally feels like spring around here. :) Only took til Mid-May. I think my boys are pretty handsome and cute. They sure can be a handful, but are lots of fun...Then I gave them a haircut, and I took some more today...
And for good measure, a photo of John...he is a part of our family and he thought he was looking pretty good, and I have to agree!


Tada! Here I am 22 weeks pregnant, with another BOY. I don't think I ever thought I would have 3 boys in a row. Pretty crazy. Not sure anyone even looks at this blog since I NEVER update, but I was feeling guilty not having taken even one picture of my pregnant belly this time around. So here I go! I am due Sept. 26th.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

Had to sit on Santa's lap at the party. I thought Alex might freak, but he was fine.

Nathan liked singing with the primary kids, "Picture a Christmas"

Just a cute pic of Alex!