Monday, December 24, 2012

Nathan playing Basketball

 He has really enjoyed playing basketball this year and he has really improved.  He doesn't even shoot it granny style...for a 6 year old that's pretty awesome. :)

There is a fun surprise at the end of the video if you watch all the way through!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nathan's 6!

I can't believe Nathan is 6. Time really has flown since he was born.  He is such a responsible 6 year old, if Alex wasn't so unpredictable I'd be tempted to have him babysit! ;) Just kidding, but seriously I am always impressed by the things he does when not told and all the things he knows/remembers.  He reads so well that he is reading the scriptures pretty much by himself and is learning to write so well that he "writes books" on a consistent basis.  He loves to draw and color and do anything crafty. I'm so lucky to have such a smart, talented young kid as my oldest.  He will set a great example for his younger brothers!

So happy to open feet jammies!

New Star Wars bedding...

Can't go wrong with a race car...thanks Grandpa Joe!

Nathan chose to have angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream...not your typical birthday cake.  You can blame John, he talked him into it!

Grandma Jemmett came up with Christa and Jane for the lovely day and Grandma Sally and Grandpa Doug made a special phone call to the birthday boy.  He felt quite special.  We also went to Triple Play to go bowling and play some arcade games (It was our substitute for Chuck E. Cheese), and then went to Pizza for dinner.  A fun day for sure!
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Christmas Festivities

Well you can pretty much figure it out...we saw Santa at the ward party.  Owen was not terribly thrilled. :) 

We made a Gingerbread house which turned out cute despite our weird alien looking figures on the side.  John was masterful working with the fondant!
 I just love my boys dressed up for church and I don't take enough pictures of it!  I made them all wear matching green ties today in honor of Christmas.
 And after church today we decorated gingerbread people (Alex made sure I knew there were gingerbread boys AND girls).

 John's creation...looks a little angry?  Maybe because he got stuck doing the fondant again...

 Owen's iconic face, he has really learned how to scrunch it all up good!
 Overall, I think the boys had fun and even Owen got into it.  Man he is a little fireball sometimes!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween pictures!

The pictures you've all been waiting for...drum roll please...

Captain America (Alex), Wolverine (Nathan), Superman (Owen).

We are the superhero family!  I made my costume (since all Wonder Woman costumes are a bit scandalous) and John is Thor...that was my weak attempt at a DIY costume for him. :)

The kids already on a sugar high.  They had fun and luckily for us it was a fairly warm night here in North Idaho.  The kids didn't even wear jackets!
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Happy Birthday John...30!

Having fun playing with Dad after we got home from New York.  The kids were so happy to see their Dad!

We celebrated John's birthday last weekend. He requested a Pecan pie for dessert and the kids had fun watching him open his gifts.


I also threw a little surprise party for him at our house Saturday night, he guessed what was going on a couple hours before hand but we still had fun with some friends.  I am a terrible liar. :P
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Pumpkin Patch

We went to a corn maze and pumpkin patch with Nathan's kindergarten class.  John had the day off so he stayed home with Owen during naptime.  I had fun with Nathan and Alex.  Alex was so happy that he was able to go too!
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