Sunday, March 17, 2013

San Diego/Legoland

We started our trip out late Thursday night.  Ended up getting to our hotel at about 1 am Friday morning.  We slept in Friday and were on our way to LEGOLAND right at about 10 am!  Kids were excited!  This was a surprise trip for them!

Digging for fossils.

One of the few rides Owen could go on.
Loving seeing all the fairytales in legos while on a boatride!

This may have been one of the best parts of LEGOLAND, build your car and test it out.  The kids had a great time in here.

Alex built the fastest car many idea how or why. :)

Slides are always fun.

My two little prisoners.

Miniland was really fun and the kids loved the Star Wars exhibit they had going on.

The kids relaxing watching some cartoons in the hotel.  I love that Owen is getting into movies a bit and loves to sit with his brothers and watch.  Tom and Jerry is one of their favorite cartoons. 
Rachel, Alex and Owen
We got to visit with Lindsey and Paul while we were there and the kids all had fun playing together.  Good cousin time in the bouncy house and wagon!

Rachel, Alex, Johnny, Owen and Nathan

Owen so tired after church and playing hard at cousins house all afternoon.

Monday we hit the beach and I thought it was too cold for swimsuits but the kids didn't agree.  They all pretty much had soaked shorts by the time we left.  Owen was completely soaked.  He loved sliding down this sand bank.  Over. and. Over.  Probably about 20 times?

We had a lot of fun at the beach and Lindsey met us there with the kids.

John spotted this Ortho place.  He just HAD to get a pic.

Owen being a ham while playing at a park before we had to head to the airport.  We all got a little sun and had a blast in the warm weather.

Gotta love a 1 year old sippin' on a big gulp...


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