Saturday, October 26, 2013


Alex was excited to play soccer again this year. He has really figured out how to kick the ball better. My favorite part might be watching them warm-up before the game, particularly watching them do jumping jacks.

First day of school 2013

Nathan is in first grade and Alex is in Pre-K. They were both so excited to start school!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lego Maniacs!

Always building something...
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Summer fun!

Getting ready to go out on the boat.  Owen was SO unhappy about his life jacket but ever since then, he has realized it means you get to do fun things!  The boat scared him at first too, but now he knows it means fun!

Cousins tubing together.  They would have ridden on the tube all day if we let them!

They always have to get in the hot tub after tubing. :)

My kids build a fort almost every day.  This day was no exception!

They asked me to take a picture of them "pretend sleeping."

We hiked up at English point and found this large tree that had fallen over.  The kids thought that was pretty cool. 
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T-ball/Coach Pitch

Owen can be quite a handful at games, he loves to wear hats and wears them crazy at times.  He has lost at least 3 toys in the soccer field behind Nathan's field.  But Nathan and Alex have had a blast playing!

Here is Owen in a fleece snow hat.  He would NOT take it off.  His face was quite red by the end of the game.

Waiting for Alex to bat.

We LOVE watching Alex run.  Quite hilarious.

Alex loves to play in the dirt. :)  His favorite thing though, are the snacks at the end of the game!

Nathan has gotten pretty good at hitting the ball and has a good arm.

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Hayden Triathlon 2013

My friend Stacy and I waiting for the race to start! At this point I wasn't terribly nervous.  I had been nervous the entire week prior. Even had some bad dreams about it!

Coming in from the swim, I don't think I was the last orange cap out, but I was close.  Several yellow and pink caps passed me in the water too.  Gotta work on my swim for next time!

I ran the entire run portion which I am happy about.  Even ran it in 30 mins which is good for me. :)  Especially after the other two events.


Some of the people who are in my ward that also participated in the race.

John came to support and take pics.  Ro and Brent also came and Brent took a lot of pics!

Me, being a dork, cause I am cool like that.

Yay!  I finished my first triathlon.  It was fun, and I felt good after the race.  Happy to finally complete that goal!  Now I just need to convince John to do one with me!!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glacier Part 2

We found a spot to play in the water and sand.  The kids had fun here.

McKenzie and Jane.  McKenzie is such a great Aunt.  She is always playing with the kids and they LOVE her!

We had some good times, but missed Megan and Benn!

One of the short "hikes" we went on. :)

Our little fam.

Jarom, Christa and Jane.

Owen was getting grumpy but then...

we started seeing some bears and he was HAPPY!

We had to resort to this place to see some bears.  We heard some rumors of a couple bears going through our camp, but never saw one.  This was a highlight of the trip for the kids!

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