Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rebate Junkie

I am a sucker for rebates. Especially if it basically ends up to be free! Earlier this month, I bought some anti-virus software that had two rebates that would cover the entire cost. So I proceeded to send in the rebates and triple checked that I had everything that I needed in the envelopes. On Saturday, I got two little postcards saying that both of my rebates were incomplete because they were missing items...at which point they say that if you can send in the stuff that's missing they can then process your rebate. Hello!!! I checked a million times that I had the right info in the right envelope with whatever, and I no longer have part of that info because I sent it to them! So, I called them this morning and basically just had to talk to the guy. He said, "Hold on for one moment while I check on something.....Ok, I have it all worked out and your rebate will be processed and sent to you in 4-6 weeks." I said "Thanks, what about my other rebate?" He said, "Let me check on that one....hold on a moment....well, it is missing the originial UPC but since you are a valued customer, I'll go ahead and process this one for you too." WHAT??? 5 seconds ago you are telling me you don't have what you need and now you're just going to process it? It makes me think that they send out these dumb postcards just so they don't have to process people's rebates. I almost just got annoyed and didn't call about it, and thought, 'oh well, guess i actually had to pay $70.' I wonder how many people just throw the postcard away and say "fuhghetaboutit." Sneaky, sneaky...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

San Francisco and a Wedding

We went up to the Bay Area over the weekend for Emily's wedding (John's cousin) and had fun seeing family and friends/old roommates...while we were there we took a little mini trip into San Francisco. We bought some sourdough bread and had some yummy ice cream at Ghiradelli Square. We also saw the sea lions on Pier 39. It was fun to see Emily, she looked amazing and so happy. Good luck to you Emily and Jason! Sadly, I don't have any pictures from the reception--that just shows you my horrible picture taking habits!

The LA Zoo

We went to the Zoo with the USC Dental school Spouses's Club. Lucky for me, we have been able to do lots of things with them that John would rather not do. Nathan really liked the Gorilla's, Zebra's and Giraffe's. Then we went to the little play area and he had a blast just running around and playing on the slides and everything.

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Zuma Beach

We went to the Beach on a day that John got home a little bit early. We had fun even though it was a little bit windy. Nathan loves the water, so we basically had to hold him back so he didn't run/jump in! Good thing he likes the sand and watching the birds too!

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We went to a Hockey game at the Staples Center (Go Kings!) It was our first ever Hockey game. It was a lot of fun, pretty entertaining even though there were only 2 goals scored. LA won 2-0. It was fun, I would highly recommmend going. I might even say it's more entertaining than a baseball game...:)

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Haircut and Pickle

Just a shot of Nathan getting his haircut--yes, I know what you are thinking...very professional!

He is eating a dill pickle here, his face says it all! He actually does like them though...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ward Talent Show

Here is a video of me and some other girls in my ward tapping/clogging. Hope you like it! BTW, we put this together in 6 days!