Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween...Spooky :)

Nathan wanted to be Buzz this year for Halloween, so since I already had cowboy stuff for Alex, he was Woody--not an exact one I know, but it works. I decided to coordinate John and I, so I was Bo Peep and Nathan wanted John to be Rex...however I did NOT want to try to make that, so I bought some army stuff for the Army guy :) We had fun and Nathan was fearless trick or treating. He got out of the car and rang doorbells all by himself while I waited in the car. I was impressed. I got Alex out a few times and he was SO happy to be holding his pumpkin bucket. He did not want to let go. :) He knows the good stuff already--is that bad? He got into his candy before we got home, it was good times!

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Pumpkin Fun

Had to go pick out pumpkins, then we had to carve one....during the process I was wondering WHY??? But it turned out good and Nathan had fun :)
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Just some cuteness from Alex :)

At his 15 month checkup, he was having fun playing in the toy cupboard in the exam room. Kept him entertained til the Dr. came in :)
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