Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glacier Part 2

We found a spot to play in the water and sand.  The kids had fun here.

McKenzie and Jane.  McKenzie is such a great Aunt.  She is always playing with the kids and they LOVE her!

We had some good times, but missed Megan and Benn!

One of the short "hikes" we went on. :)

Our little fam.

Jarom, Christa and Jane.

Owen was getting grumpy but then...

we started seeing some bears and he was HAPPY!

We had to resort to this place to see some bears.  We heard some rumors of a couple bears going through our camp, but never saw one.  This was a highlight of the trip for the kids!

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Glacier Part 1

I could not believe how pretty this place was!  So, there are quite a few "pretty" pictures.  SORRY!

Christa, Jarom, John and I on a "Red Bus Tour" on the Going-to-the-sun road.  It was nice to not have to drive so we could just look out the top and take pictures.  I probably won't do it again, but will definitely go back to Glacier when our kids are older to let them appreciate the beauty too.

Jarom requested a picture in this shirt.  Don't remember what movie it's from?

Our cool red bus. 
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Alex turned 4!

Alex turned 4 on June 28th.  I can't believe he is that big already.  He has grown out of some of his screaming fits which I am grateful for! :D  He is such a sweetie sometimes, giving me lots of compliments on my hair and clothes.  He is also really good about saying "Thanks for making the yummy dinner."

Alex was so excited when he opened his LeapPad.  He had been cutting pictures of the windows phone out of magazines for several months and kept saying he was "wishing for an ipad."  Not quite an iPad, but fun enough and educational too.  I was excited for him to get this, I will admit, I like new electronics and gadgets...even for my kids!  It will be great in the car on trips and airplane rides.  Plus, he can share Nathan's Leapster games too!

For his birthday dinner, he requested spaghetti!  Then we had a blue funfetti cake with blue frosting (his fave color is blue!)

The great ladies at the gym playcare made him this birthday crown and he wore it for at least a week...including most of the time we were at Glacier National Park for the 4th of July!
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