Monday, August 20, 2012

Brudders and Family

These boys sure love each other!
Our "espeermint".  Cyclone water

Matching ties that I made for Easter! Haha!

Flying a kite.

Superheroes at Nana's house!

Fishing with Papa.

Watching Nathan play Tball.

Swimming in our back yard.

Excuse my face in the following photo, but we had fun at Riverfront park. :)
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Nathan is such a good big brother. He is very helpful and mature for his age. He is reading really well and loves to read. It makes me excited that he is reading simple chapter books already. He will start Kindergarten in a couple weeks. I am happy that he will be challenged and learn more, but I will be sad that I'll lose my good helper during the day! Luckily he has set a good example and Alex does a lot of the things that Nathan does. It sure pays to discipline and train your kids!

Nathan loves to paint, draw and color. He is pretty creative and imaginative too.

Riding his scooter at the skate park. He is quite good on a skateboard too!

He was so excited to go fishing with Papa (Gpa Jemmett) this summer.
He was so excited to play Tball this year. He caught on really fast considering he didn't play last year. He will definitely play again next year! Next is soccer. :)
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I'm not sure why I call him Owen-baby, but I do.  Probably partially because he's just growing too fast and I feel like he should still be a little tiny baby. These pictures will show just how he has changed over the past 5 months or so.  I can't believe he'll be 11 months old in 3 days!

First haircut-August 4th, 2012
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Alex-3 years old

What can I say about Alex?  He is quite the character.  He has had artwork on our walls downstairs, he has drawn on himself several times...this time we called him the "tiger."

This is his signature smile. Every. Time. Unless you catch him laughing or unaware.

He turned 3 in June.  I can't believe how big he is.  He has matured and become a great big brother to Owen.  He was very stubborn when it came to potty training but he finally did it. :) I think he will enjoy the time he gets to spend at home with me while Nathan is at school this year.
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My handsome boys!

 I can't believe how fast kids grow!  I love these boys, they sure make my life fun and interesting!! 
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