Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, it's only a little over a month past Christmas and finally I will post some Christmas pictures! We had such a fun Christmas with both of our families. We opened gifts with the Pulsipher's a few days before Christmas before we left to go to Parma.

We had fun in Parma. We went caroling on Christmas Eve which is the family tradition. My mom had to work Christmas Day so we got up a little earlier than we would have to open up presents. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, Nathan playing with toys, and EATING! We did a little bit of shopping the day after Christmas, and the rest of our time was spent visiting family and friends. We had a blast seeing everyone!

We had to wake Nathan up to open presents. He was a bit confused at first!

Attempting to ride the tricycle he got from Santa should be great fun this summer...if it ever comes :)

Opening presents, he's pretty much a pro now after all the birthday and Christmas practice!

Just laughing and having fun with the Aunties Megan and McKenzie later that day.

Just a fun family pic!

His shirt says it all!