Monday, June 30, 2008

Outside pictures

I actually took these pictures earlier in the month when it was still cold, but it was a beautiful day anyways. We love playing in the backyard and we even planted a garden. Maybe I will post pictures of that later. We love being in a house and it's great to have family closer!

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18 months old!!

Nathan turned 18 months this past month and I just think this picture is so cute of him! He has started posing for the camera again and it makes for much better pictures! Nathan is so active and is constantly on the go! He loves to play outside in the dirt, and he especially loves rocks. He likes playing in the water and going down slides. What a boy! He has recently discovered Sesame Street and he is enthralled when it is on. He gives good kisses and he'll even squeeze you tight for a bedtime hug. We have FINALLY gotten him to fold his arms during an entire prayer and he's starting to understand what "shh" means. He has started to say more words like baby, ball, dog, bubble, mommy, daddy, choo choo, poo, no, yeah (I think this might be my favorite word!). I have introduced the potty to him...he's not very interested in it yet, but will sit on it occasionally. He definitely knows what he wants and will let you know. He is so independent. We love him and I can't imagine life without him!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What to buy?!?!

As I keep seeing all the wonderful things that people are doing with their economic stimulus checks, I can't help but be a little jealous. Although we didn't get a check, before we moved, we had a little yard sale and I was busy on Craigslist trying to sell things like bookcases and whatever. After all was said and done, I had a pretty good chunk of money to spend on new things for our house...however that money sure goes fast when you have to buy a million dumb things. Anyways, I'm down to my last couple hundred dollars...and I am debating on what I want to buy...I really think a bike and bike trailer would be fun since we can't really walk to anything anymore, but things are definitely close enough to ride a bike to. I also want some little patio chairs for our front know to sip lemonade on a warm summer night(if the warmth ever gets here! it was 46 degrees at noon today!). And finally, I want a Grill. It would be so great to have a nice steak cooked on a grill! Since loans aren't due for a few months...maybe I can convince John to splurge? Haha, not likely! Oh well, I guess we can't have everything right away. What do you think I should get with my remaining money?? By the way, once I get things a little more organized, I will put up pics of the house!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So although we made it to Idaho on Thursday night, we are still unpacking and probably will be for a few more weeks. I still can't believe how much stuff we had--and people were saying we didn't have very much! Stay tuned for pictures of our house!