Friday, May 14, 2010

Nathan the Camera-man

Nathan took all of these pictures with the exception of a few that I took.

Nathan hit his head on the corner of Alex's dresser...he didn't need stitches, just some steri-strips.

Random happenings

Just a cute pic of my boys! Two of whom are camping tonight at the Father/Son's campout. Fun!

Nathan fell asleep watching tv with us, he got to stay up a little later cause Aunt Megan was visiting.

Playing at a park...Nathan with cousin Ayden

And lastly, that is powdered sugar from donut holes. Nathan fell asleep on the way to Doug & Sally's after having a little snack :). He refuses to take naps these days, but occasionally he'll fall asleep in the car, or if I let him watch a show in the afternoon.
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