Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Future Basketball Player?

Kidspace Children's Museum

Nathan and his friend Brady playing yesterday! It was great to have them so entertained!

Easter Outfit

So, I actually just took this picture a few days ago, but things were crazy on Easter Sunday, and I never had a chance to take Nathan's picture in his Easter outfit. This is it! I think he looks so handsome, I just love my little guy!

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I did not just hand him the was actually my fault it was on his head! Oops! Nathan is eating "Fizzix", which is basically fizzy yogurt. John did some research at BYU working on sparkling or carbonated yogurt. Looks like they got all the kinks worked out and Yoplait now has it on the market. Pretty cool!

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Easter Candy

Nathan found my stash! He got into a Reese's while I was on the computer...he was really quiet while he was enjoying his treat too!

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Yes, we went swimming a little over a week ago. It was about 85 degrees outside, the water was a little chilly, but we got used to it. We went twice that week, but now it's a little cold again. I can't believe we went swimming in March!

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