Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hayden Triathlon 2013

My friend Stacy and I waiting for the race to start! At this point I wasn't terribly nervous.  I had been nervous the entire week prior. Even had some bad dreams about it!

Coming in from the swim, I don't think I was the last orange cap out, but I was close.  Several yellow and pink caps passed me in the water too.  Gotta work on my swim for next time!

I ran the entire run portion which I am happy about.  Even ran it in 30 mins which is good for me. :)  Especially after the other two events.


Some of the people who are in my ward that also participated in the race.

John came to support and take pics.  Ro and Brent also came and Brent took a lot of pics!

Me, being a dork, cause I am cool like that.

Yay!  I finished my first triathlon.  It was fun, and I felt good after the race.  Happy to finally complete that goal!  Now I just need to convince John to do one with me!!
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