Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update: We are still here!

For anyone who even cares...we are still alive. I have just been amazingly lazy and busy with all the holiday stuff. :) I did see Twilight with my sis-in-law xan and her sister, and also another sis-in-law and my mother-in-law. We had fun, and although the movie was a bit corny/cheesy, I liked it!

We had a little visit from my brother and sister-- Jarom and Megan-- and Nathan has been saying their names daily ever since.

Thanksgiving was fun, and I ate too many rolls and stuffing. I am not that big of a fan of turkey, but the rolls...:) We got snow here on the day after Thanksgiving and that is when we also put our tree up! YAY! I love Christmas trees and all the decorations at this time of year. Nathan will be two on the 17th, and he is definitely beginning the terrible two stage. He throws so many fits it's amazing, but with a few time-outs every day we manage. The worst is getting him to change out of his pajama's into his clothes and then getting out of the bathtub to put his pajama's on at night. He is talking so much more and will string two or three words together at a time now. I love him so much and just think he's adorable!

Here is a random picture from October with Grandma Jemmett--Go Broncos!


holly said...

Yay...I care if you are still there. I couldn't go to Twilight. The book was too good, I knew I would be disappointed.
Your brother and sister look SO MUCH LIKE YOU! I love it. So cute.
HOpe Nathan has a Happy Birthday! I'm due the 15th, and baby still isn't here!

Jessica said...

Oh man, I was due with Nathan the 15th. You could always try castor oil...I did! :)

Ryan and Carrie said...

Cute family picture! I am laughing because I just bought that sweater for Cooper for Christmas! Target right?! Xan's sister looks exactl like her!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Cute family picture. Taylor Dan tried the castor oil and it didn't work for her. She still had to be induced. I need to see Twilight again because the opening night was just too loud. All the girls screaming and laughing it was really annoying and I couldn't hear half the movie because of it.

bhansen said...

Yeah! Some new pictures. I love the new header! You have such a cute little family. Let me know when you are going to be around and we can try to get something together.